4 Pieces of Clothing I'm Really Into

March 03, 2019

A new order from FemmeLuxeFinery means new on-trend pieces, ready to turn heads. The 4 items I went for now are all about having some fun with style, so scroll down to find out more.

The first item I got is a leather bralette top which goes by the name of Amy and is a super cool budget alternative to a real leather corset. I chose to integrate mine into a day look because I'm not into clubbing or anything like that, therefore this is how I saw it in the first place: casual meets provocative, in a modern and relaxed way. Black Dr. Martens are a must. 
Get the top on this link HERE.

I rarely wear black, but when I do it means that someone died...or the weather is shitty.
Luckily, it's all about the weather, which is super gloomy these past days (plus wind and rain), therefore I choose to keep myself safe from eventual stains and simply go all black - I wear my Hattie jumpsuit with black combat boots and a long black shearling coat, plus statement earrings.

Get yours on this link HERE

Oh oh, red means trouble! Sometimes I'm just in the mood for throwing on an ultra-feminine dress and an oversized blazer and simply go ot and conquer the world. Or a cup of coffee. I love the slinky texture of this one which goes by the name of Malina and this shade of tangerine-ish red which is simply delicious! 
For more mini dresses, midi dresses or simply gorgeous dresses check FemmeLuxeFinery on this link HERE.

Get your on this link HERE.

Sometimes a funky tee named Athena is all I need to brighten up a day, and I love the message on this one: "fight like a girl" and the font in which is written into as well. Throw on an oversized denim jacket and you successfully created a fierce casual look to wear for hours during the weekend. 

Get your on this link HERE.

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