Mellow Yellow

May 09, 2019

Mid-spring is all about getting ready for summer, both physically and mentally...although the weather doesn't really reflect mid-spring on a daily basis yet, I prefer to focus on the warm and sunny days, choosing bright colours to make my days better.

I wasn't a big fan of yellow, until one of two years back, when I started loving it more and more. One of the reasons I am actually afraid of wearing yellow come spring and summer is the amount of insects which comes with it. You know how they're all attracted to yellow especially...and I must admit I'm not attracted to ANY kind of insects, on the contrary...therefore my mind says: "avooooooid during hot summer days". But for spring, it's simply perfect.

Yellow plus black equals love, and so does magenta in this whole equation. If you love these pieces I am wearing as much as I do - both the shirt and trousers are from SHEIN, I'll leave the links below so you can directly shop my look. I must say I adore the print on the shirt and totally love the fabric of the trousers, which is a soft 100% cotton.



Tropical Print Blouse  - search ID 670637
Straight Leg Pants search ID 699919

Make sure to use Q1carlavadan15 for extra 15% OFF any purchase, valid from April 1st to June 30th

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