Some June Thoughts - by Yours Truly

June 01, 2019

OK. I will admit - I'm addicted to colours. There's no better way to express myself, my thoughts and personality rather than actually wearing colours. 

Sometimes, just like in this case over here, colours don't really describe my mood - can't say I'm going through a particularly happy period in my life, actually I am quite stressed and worried about so many things, but the best way for me to escape my own thoughts and sometimes negative way of thinking is...can you guess? Through colours. 

I have colours everywhere in my life: in my home, on my cat (his collar is blue), my clothes, accessories, even my hair. I can't life a monochrome life. Colours give me life, moods, vibes, they give me feelings, give birth to new dreams, ideas, concepts, ways of thinking. 
I carefully choose the colours around me: I might love a colour, but dislike certain of its shades, which I am always avoiding. 

Putting together colours is always fun to me. At times mixing them creates revelations, that moment of putting together some particular shades of certain colours which seem to have been invented to go together...I simply get goosebumps, and a feeling of calm and an inside smile simply invades my whole being. 

Perhaps it's because of my artistic upbringing and my love for art. I started doing illustrations once again and that too makes me feel complete. Sometimes you have to take a long break in order to see and feel what truly makes you happy, what truly matters in life.



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