New Wardrobe Additions for This Week

July 03, 2019

I'll cut to the chase: I always wanted a suit, not a super masculine one, neither super stiff, but rather fun. I finally found it and I'm really happy with it: it's a gorgeous shade of lime green, the trousers are  comfortable and flowy, the blazer can be easily worn without anything underneath, the fit is great and the fabric soft and summery. So happy that came up which such a cool suit!

In my latest order, I finally laid my hands on the whole set (see below) - I had the animal print satin shirt and I felt something was missing - its matching skirt, so when I saw my size in stock this time I didn't hesitate. I am not a huge fan of sets of a regular basis, but I must admit certains sets do make my heart beat faster. You have two of them over here, the lime suit and the animal print combo.

Then I have the PU leather skort (it's a skirt but it features shorts underneath, yay), so no matter the weather your bum is safe and not on show. Because you might be tempted to think otherwise. But trust me.

The last but not least is the beautiful satin bodysuit you saw me wearing in my previous blog post, only this time I will leave the direct link for you so you can enjoy it too. Go one size up though, especially if you're tall. You know what I mean.


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