6 Items From SHEIN I Am In Love With

September 27, 2019

No, this is not a wishlist. I already got these 6 pieces I will be talking about, so let's have a look at my 6 October must-haves.

Leather, leather and more leather. I am obssesed with leather this season, but don't get me wrong - it's not about wearing real leather, but rather the type of leather you feel comfortable in. When it comes to trousers, dresses, shirts I can't even think of real leather. Only when it comes to jackets, shoes or bags then yes...I do prefer real leather. I am a vegetarian but this is my choice. I don't expect you to feel the same way I do, you don't have to agree with me...it's simply what I wear. 
There is now faux-leather which looks absolutely fab, you can't even tell the difference. The only positive aspect about real leather is the way it ages - beautifully. The more aged, the better...whereas faux leather, the more aged = thrown away. But that, of course, depends on how long you actually wear the respective item for.

1. The leather dress -  the perfect choice for the cold season; it looks great with or without tights, or a top/blouse underneath. This makes it really versatile and looks great for a fun night out.

2. The animal print dress - an updated version of the traditional leopard print, this dress looks fresh as a daisy, and it can be worn both for day or evening.

3. The polka-dot dress - This mini, all-mesh version of the polka dot dress is my favourite! So pretty and also really soft on the inside (it's lined) and comortable...I'm just jealous it's rainy and couldn't wear it outside yet.

4. The leather overshirt - Definitely a must for me. Ideal for autumnal weather - protects you from nasty winds or rains, while getting you all...complemented ( a lady at a cafe wanted to exchange outfits with me, how cute is that?).

5. The 80s inspired acid wash jeans - This time, in pink. A fun alternative to the blue jeans, they're just as easy to mix into cool outfits, while making you stand out from the blue jeans crowd.

6. The French-girl top - Ok, it sounds cliche but I see this type of top on ALL the French style influencers I am watching on Insta and I adore it. It looks great with skirts, trousers, shorts...with literally everything! And it's super flattering too.


Ruched Front Slip PU Dress - HERE - search ID   827348
White Animal Print Dress - HERE - search ID  825930
Mesh Polka Dot Dress - HERE - search ID   783079
Faux Leather Shirt/ Jacket - HERE - search ID   806725
Pink Acid Wash Jeans  - HERE - search ID   826256
Plunge Neck "French Girl" Top - HERE - search ID   804486

Use my SHEIN Unique coupon code: Q3carla15  (Extra 15% off any purchase, and valid from 
July 1st - Sep 30th, only US site--https://us.shein.com )

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  1. You look amazing! Great styling and I am SO loving the polkadot dress!


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