Happy 11th Anniversary, SHEIN!

October 01, 2019

SHEIN has now turned 11, can you believe it? Founded in 2008, SHEIN is one of my favs when it comes to good quality clothes at an affordable price. Have you tried it yet?

Either I've been lucky, have a good eye or great intuition, or all the clothes I have ever ordered on SHEIN come in a qood quality. I have never had a bad experience with any of the items from them, and in 99% of the cases, size S fits me perfectly. Sometimes I go for XS when I want a super fitted top or dress, or M if I need an oversized jacket, but otherwise S fits like a glove. I am not paid to say this, and even though I am collaborating with the brand, trust me when I recommend their products. They truly are pretty amazing.

The only catch? Make sure to measure yourself properly and check the size chart, even the reviews, before ordering. That way, you simply can't go wrong. It's easy if you pay attention to the numbers.

I feel honored to be a part of the SHEIN family for a while now and I am honestly glad they're still going so strong, in times when many brands dissappear as quickly as they appear. I have been complimented on so many occassions while wearing SHEIN, that I've lost count...you can find pretty unique designs at a very affordable price, and their website and app are both super easy to use.
Do you have something you want to buy in mind for a while now? Simply hit 'search' and type in few details like "trench coat", or "floral print" and then sort the results by colour, size or category in order to find your new favs. I find it relaxing finding new items on their platform, most of them I just 'heart' and they go instantly to my wishlist. From there, I can look at all the stuff I love and create future outfits, while adding the ones I truly want to my basket. Sounds easy and fun, no?

Make sure to use my code 11SH766 which gives you 15% off for any purchase, valid from Oct 1st--Nov 11th, only on the US version of the website  - HERE, enjoy! 🌟


Satin Top with Feather Details  - HERE - search 774897
Satin Blazer and Jaquard Shorts Set - HERE - search  776118
Neon Print Bodycon Dress - HERE - search  804781
Croc Texture PU Coat - HERE - search  823613
Drawstring Waist Shorts (worn with the feather-detail top) from ROMWE - HERE

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