Photowall - The Cutest Wallpaper and Framed Print In Our Home

September 22, 2020

Hello, beautiful souls! Long time no blog post, but I am now back from my long summer holiday with some really cool home decor inspo for you.

I recently discovered a lovely brand which specialises in wallpapers and prints & posters, called Photowall. Their products are all made in Skarpnäck, near Stockholm with lots of love and attention to detail and you can see that from miles away. They keep production close so they can assure the quality of their products and know that everyone in production is happy and doing well.
Being this close also helps them guarantee that orders are shipped by the next working day and us, their beloved customers get the best possible service – another thing they value highly.

I got my order surprisingly fast, given the fact I ordered a huge wallpaper and a framed print!
I got the wallpaper first and a wallpaper kit, with all the necessary bits needed in order for you to install it properly onto the wall. I mean state of the art properly.

I did hope to be able to put up a part at least of the gorgeous jungle-themed wallpaper Christian and I picked in our rented flat in London, but after receiving the kit and all the bits and realising the process, realising that our London flat it's carpeted all over, with our walls super busy with furniture and crowded, (let's admit's a 40 something sqm flat after all) we didn't have the heart to start chopping the whole wallpaper into bits and pieces and trying hard to make it work here, we decided to put it up only temporarily - that way our landlady won't get angry with us and won't make us repaint the walls 😅 using blue tack and keeping it as it is for an empty wall in our recently bought flat back in Transylvania - it's a big and bright light green bedroom, with beautiful natural light and amazing sunsets - in which this wallpaper will find its forever home. 

You probably got it - the wallpaper we got, ( I will attach below a full shot of it, courtesy of Photowall, for you to get a proper idea on how it looks like) in Premium quality, is as gorgeous as a summer day by the sea. The print is perfect, with its matte finish which doesn't reflect the nearby objects/surfaces...when it's up on the wall, it simply looks as if it's been hand drawn, painted by a very talented individual.
We chose the jungle-themed one as we loved the style of illustration, the fact that is relaxing, fun, has a depth to it - just take a close look at the shots below. We're huge lovers or greenery and animals, so this dreamy wallpaper was simply made for us.

Then I received the print and when I opened the parcel I was so pleased with it. Such a good quality frame and my print...simply wow. The details, the colours...I was at a loss for words, once again. Highest quality I could imagine.

In case you guys are looking for a way to revamp your home, choose the guys from Photowall and I can guarantee you won't regret it. You will be in awe, just like us! Or if you aren't sure about something so big as a wallpaper, choose from their huge selection of prints & posters. I am very sure you will fall in love with their products soon, and for that you can use my unique discount code carlavadan25
which will give you a 25% discount on all Photowall products. It will be valid from today until the end of October 2020, so hurry up!

P.S.: I promise to come back with the whole wallpaper put up properly, as soon as we get back home to Transylvania, perhaps with a fun video of us putting it up. 💞

You can find the products in my photos here:

Wallpaper - Botanical Beauty by Sir Edwards - product code e320796 
Framed Print - Wa Collection - Fruit Trees - product code e316419 (mine is 50X70)

Use my code carlavadan25 at checkout for 25%OFF.

The full design 


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