February Pastels

February 10, 2021

I always noticed how people generally tend to dress in darker colours come gloomy winter days.
And I could never agree with that.

I love addding pop of colours to my looks during winter, I find it fun and refreshing. They even look better when there's a bit of snow around! I am in love with pastels, once again, and I recently started mixing them into monochrome/neutral outfits for a more elevated, sophisticated colour scheme.

You can only imagine I wasn't wearing a three-piece suit only during a chilly snowy day, but it looks to good not be the main characters in my shots. I can't wait for warmer days though, as this gorgeous suit from SHEIN would look much better with clogs, mules or sandals. 

In the meantime, the pastel pink shacket will keep me warm, together with the faux leather trousers in white (see below), which are super comfortable and look quite edgy in this particular shade of white - I guess it's because we don't see white leather super often.

Again, I need warmer days for cool and comfortable mules  - like the ones below...SHEIN has so many gorgeous new mules in stock and I simply want them all. They are true to size by the way and they're everything I could hope for!


Knotted Blazer or search 1923617
Vest or search 1909863
Suit Trousers or search 1913792
Minimalist loafer mules or search 2097568
Faux Leather Trousers or search 1913600
Pink Shacket or search 1742536

Use my unique SHEIN discount code: carlavadan15 

(Extra 15% off on multiple SHEIN sites. Valid until Mar. 31st, 2021)


Photography: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan


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