Lockdown Couture or What I Am Wearing Indoors

February 13, 2021

The lockdown series continues with more soft & comfy loungewear, courtesy of Femmeluxe.

The latest selection of cool clothes I got is from FemmeLuxe, as you know they do have a great selection of loungewear lounge sets and many other cool pieces. Joggers are a new favourite of mine, as they're chic and comfortable, perfect to be worn while at home. 
I never wear joggers outdoors unless I'm heading to the gym - as a matter of fact I am wearing leggings then - as I believe they're exclusively made to be worn indoors / at home. That's why it's called loungewear after all, it's meant to be worn in a relaxed, lazy way. I don't believe you do that outdoors, especially as a girl. I find it cool for men to wear looser joggers, but it definitely makes me laugh when I see women wearing these outdoors. Or those very thin leggings...I mean come on, are you serious? Every single thing is showing! 

As for the faux leather joggers - OK, wear them outdoor, that's what they're for. It's leather! But not these soft and fluffy ones please. Then there are cute corsets, just like the one I am wearing and many more great pieces waiting to be discovered at  Femmeluxe.co.uk


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