March 02, 2021

Spring is and will always be about colour.
The rebirth of nature and life around us is a creative force, so inspiring that it gets under our skin, straight into our hearts and minds. Pastels are an old favourite of mine, shades so soft and gentle you could swear they came to life from your prettiest dreams. 

SHEIN has some incredible spring pieces, both affordable and excellent quality - see their Premium Line for more, it's called MOTF! The pink dress, cropped blazer and mint blazer are all MOTF, while the other items below are from their newer, regular collections. The pink dress is made of 100% cotton, so are the leopard print jeans, while the other fabrics are a mix of fibres, all easy-to-care and easy to iron (I just dislike ironing so my clothes are never perfectly ironed).

I got creative and made some cool mixes in the outfits below, sadly I couldn't shoot them outside as when we had the time to shoot it was quite gloomy and very cold, and I really wanted for the clothes to be visible, not covered by a huge winter coat as it would have ruined the Spring vibes, which hopefully will be felt outdoors too, through sunnier and warmer days. I know it's England, but I keep on dreaming!

See below my beautiful new pieces, gifted from SHEIN and don't forget to use my unique code carlavadan15 for 15% off your order. Enjoy!


Cropped Blazer or search 1961390
Leopard Print Jeans or search 1722268
Pink Dress or search 1961650
Colourblock Cardigan or search 1865227
Cut Out Flat Mules or search 1667604
Structured Blazer or search 1278813

Use my code carlavadan15

 (Extra 15% off on multiple SHEIN sites. Valid until Mar. 31st, 2021)

Photography: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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