July 10, 2013

Hi everybody!

I really don't have much to say today as I walked a lot and I'm feeling pretty tired. It is finally a windy evening after so many hot days! I really love the Sun, but the hot weather makes me super lazy. I think this is what Leos are like in the summer. As the real lions, of course! I just want to sit in the bed, in my garden or in a shady park...take some pictures or read my favorite book. Sometimes, if I'm not too lazy I even take my sketch book, the watercolours, some pencils and make illustrations. I should really do it more often.
It's no nice that my boyfriend shares my passions and it's just great to be together, no matter what we do or where we are!

I am really proud of my new pair of super cheap sneakers from H&M which also happen to be beautiful and super comfy! Check out the photoshoot!

What are your favorite Summer activities?


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