The Joy of Beauty

July 08, 2013

Hi everyone!

The Joy of Beauty is the title of an amazing book written by Leslie Kenton in the 80's (1983 to be precise).
I found this book on the street, you know how people put their unwanted things in front of their houses (not in the garbage bin, of course) for someone to grab them.
I did found beautiful books just by walking down the street, and the best part is- they are for free!
The Joy of Beauty is Leslie Kenton's personal recipe for looking and feeling great. Combining the latest research on nutrition (80's, again), exercise, stress control and self-image with down-to-earth advice on everything from aromatherapy to cellulite, this is, quite simply, the only beauty book a woman will ever need.
I've just had the time to read the first 14 pages of it, but I already love it!( it has almost 600 pages)
I will quote an excerpt that I find both contemporary and inspirational:

A fully functioning woman is often radiant- more alive than most. (...) Her sense of satisfaction comes from inside, not from the "carrots" offered through advertisments or glamour. If she is glamorous in the way she dresses or behaves, this is because the glamour is fun- an amusing game, the kind a child would play. It is not because there is some need to validate her worth by wearing heavy blue eye shadow, bleached blonde hair, or exotic clothes.

As I said, this book really is amazing. I will try to post more inspirational book excerpts in my future posts.
Here is the book cover, if you get the chance to borrow it, buy it or find it on the street- take it! Don't hesitate, it will sure change the way you think and feel about yourself.


BikBok sheer shirt, Levi's studded shorts, H&M sneakers, Hard Rock tote bag, Ray Ban sunglasses.

Photos by Christian Vadan

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