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May 09, 2016

Hey guys!
In this post I would like to show off with some lovely pieces I got from, a newly discovered website which has lots of quirky items - accessories, clothes and shoes and also offers Free Worldwide Shipping on orders over £35.

 I will also give some advice on how to style these pieces in order to make the most of them!The prices are reasonable and the items pretty unique! I do like being ahead of the curve and I'm always hunting for bargains in high quality so Rings And Tings is the place for me to shop online. 

Put on you poker face and wear this! My husband fell in love with this one so I'll let him pin it to his lapel. Find this awesome Playing Card Collar Pin  on for just £4 each.
I'm a Leo and Sunflower is my lucky flower! So hopefully this Sunflower Crystal Necklace will bring more luck and joy to my life.
These Ball and Spikes earrings are my favourite! I am planning of adding a pop of colour to my monochrome outfits now that it's summer and these are just fab! They have a punk feel to them so they go with everything, even with a silk dress!

This Double Pearl Bangle is my second favourite, it's so classy and delicate! Of course, I don't like to much delicacy in my outfits, so I'll probably wear it with mom jeans and a pair of white Converse.

I have always wanted one of these Texan tie inspired necklaces, but wasn't to keen on the whole cowboy style. This  Cross Adjustable Necklace is more I could ask for, the cross adds a rock accent so it looks rather classy! To do: pair it with a white shirt for a full effect and with black skinny jeans. Don't forget about the boots!

I hoped my post inspired you and don't forget to check these guys out on IG: @rings_tings or Facebook:

Remember, always be yourself and don't care about what others might think or say.
Have a great week!

Lots of love,


Photos: Carla Vadan, backrground in some of the photos - Vogue Italia.

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