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June 28, 2016

Hi guys!

Summer is finally making its way through all the clouds and rain, and I can almost say the weather is lovely in London! At least today. I don't expect many degrees Celsius over here, but I am dreaming of hot and lazy summer days spent back home, in Transylvania. That's in Romania, in case you're still wondering. And we're having our holiday there, from July till August.

I miss having my breakfast downtown, under the breezy linden trees, sipping a strawberry lemonade and not having a care in the world! I miss visiting Cojocna (you should definitely google it) with its green, salty water and leafy hills. 

I miss the green and quiet forests, the mountains, the hills and the fresh air. I miss my dear Cluj, the place I was born and raised in. I can't wait to visit Transylvania again for the summer. For its mellow mood.

But there was one question: what should I pack? There's Electric Castle and possibly Untold festival (google them) that we're going to, there's the swimming places I love going to - although I don't like getting tanned, I adore swimming - so here are my summer essentials:
swimsuits and a proper bomber jacket. I can even wear a swimsuit with a bomber on top and suits all these occasions. Ok, maybe not the festivals. That would be too much.

Below you'll see the lovely stuff (very affordable too), all from Zaful. They really do provide exceptional value, quality, and superb customer service. And super fast worldwide delivery too. It took less than 4 days for my UK delivery. My items arrived safe and well, delivered straight to my door, each in a sealed plastic bag. 

One item that caught my eye was this absolutely fab floral embroidered bomber jacket in a satin finish (see below) which I ordered in a size L (UK 12-14) because I hate tight jackets. A tight jacket looks cheap and awful in most of the cases, but if you buy one in a bigger size (go up one or two sizes) it will always look much cooler, more exquisite and super-fashion. You can find it on the above mentioned website, over here, for £23.25.

The first and my favourite is this gorgeous Crochet Halter Solid Color Bikini Set which can be found on Zaful for just £8.35. What a bargain! It comes in one size and it fits perfectly. For ladies with a more generous chest size, it's probably not the best choice. But don't worry, I got you sorted too.

The second look I would choose for a day by the pool is a printed two-piece with high-waisted, cut-out bottoms and a push-up bra. The print looks exquisite and the bra is well-made. However, I find the bottoms a bit transparent at the back given the fact it's a white swimsuit. You can find this Printed High Waisted Halter Cut Out Bikini Set on the same website, for £12.71.

Last but not least is a must-have! The trend of the moment I might say, even though I am not a huge fan of following the trends. The black swimsuit! A very good quality fabric and lovely braid details on the bra, this must be the go-for piece for everyone. It will optically slim you (in case you want that, who doesn't?) and you know, black always looks perfect. Find this High-Cut Hollow Out Bikini Set on...where else but on Zaful for *hold your breath* just £9.44

What are you guys planning for this summer and which are your summer essentials (clothes-wise)? I would love to hear from you!

Also, some very exciting news from Zaful, a summer contest! Not a wet t-shirt one, but a really fun one that you can join together with your bff. 
The contest is called Bikini Besties, all the details are below:

How many bikini photos are you taking with your friends this summer trip?

Tell us all the fun you are having and we know you will love to share bikini group shoots and win customer-made ZAFUL bikinis!
1. Upload your bikini group shoot.
2. Tell us about your summer trip
3. @zaful and #zafulbff in the caption so we can find your post

We will pick 8 best shots, the winner and the winner’s friend can get the 
custom-made bikinis which are made by ZAFUL designers. 

Just take your phone/camera and join us!
Head out to their Instagram now for a chance to win your fav swimsuit!

Also, if you're a Football fan, I have some good news for you. You can support your favourite team now, just by wearing your fav swimsuit. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Head out to Zaful to find out more.
And the surprise doesn't end here, here's a 15% off promo code to enjoy this summer even more: Football Promotion Coupon:  COPA100  EURO2016

Have a lovely week and enjoy every minute of this summer.


photography and design: Carla Vadan

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  1. Hi! I love your jacket it really suits you! :) You took size L but what size do you usually wear? I'm thinking about buying this one to and I have a size convertion problem :P Thanks!

  2. Hi Asia! Thank you for the appreciation! I would normally wear a size S, But I always choose at least an M or L :) Hope that helps! I'm curious how you will style yours!


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