In Love With TIJN Eyewear

August 31, 2016

Many of you have asked me about my new glasses, where are they from, how much they are and so on. The answer is: TIJN Eyewear! And I will tell you all about it.
TIJN is a creative studio based in Amsterdam and they believe in New Eyewear for New Generation; their motto is: Forget the traditional brands!

From Milan to Amsterdam, the editors in TIJN collect the latest fashion in Europe. With their inner and independent designers, they create Well Designed and Crafted Eyewear. And their concern is not only maintaining comfort and safety but also introducing great looks. They are helping people find their best frame in their favourite colour and style.
It was really difficult for me to choose a pair since they all are special and very different to what can usually find in terms of eyewear. I decided to go not for sunglasses, at least not this time, but for reading glasses. I am actually using them while on the computer because they have an anti reflective coating which is really useful since I spend lots of time on my mac. No, I don't actually need prescription glasses, but I really love these.
And so will you.
The pair I chose it's called Mitch and it can be found here. I went for the pink version since my skin tone is really light and my eyes quite light in colour as well, so everything would work together nicely.  

They are well made and have lovely details! So comfortable and easy to wear. If you need a prescription, don't worry about it. The prescription lenses are included in the price! If you need single vision they are $95 or £125 for the progressive.  They also offer free shipping and returns! Fuss free.

The glasses arrived really quick, in around 3 working days to London, UK. They came in a lovely white leather case, with a small cloth inside for cleaning the glasses and another branded fabric case. I prefer using the white leather one, it's much safer while I'm out and the fabric one when I'm at home.

If you love these, make sure you head out to TIJN - here to get yours now!


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