Celebrating Femininity

September 06, 2016

“She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. 'Time' for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.” 
― Roman Payne

Let's talk about femininity, one of our greatest treasures.
I believe a woman can be feminine regardless of what she's wearing. 
It's all in her attitude, her gestures, her body language, her eyes. It's the little things that matter. Femininity is not about rules, but about being freeFree to be yourself, free to love, and be loved, free to not judge others, free to want the best for others, free to not expect others to conform to your rules, free to understand, free to lead and not follow, free to believe rather than doubt, free to be a force for good, free to care, free to love yourself etc.
You can still dress in pants and be feminine. You can still wear tailored suits and be feminine. You can still wear jeans, army pants, hoodies, trackies, whatever – and be feminine. As I have said before, being feminine is about who you are from the INSIDE. If you radiate a sense of feminine freedom, softness and happiness, you can wear a paper bag and you’ll still be feminine.

Femininity is not about vulgarity or being "porn". Is quite the contrary: is being sophisticated, mysterious, having good taste. It's about having grace and self-confidence. It's about not making any compromises, it's about being strong. 
Can we do it, ladies? Can we be truly feminine and use our femininity to bring love and joy into the world?

Stop being trashy and vulgar. Think about Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Jane Fonda, Jane Birkin and let them be your inspiration. Not Kim Kardashian. If you know what I mean. Those are few of the names of the real women that actually brought a change to the world, by just being themselves; not by being a product of a society that would sell anything and would change its women into objects.

Speaking about not being trashy but feminine, I would like to share with you my latest discovery: PPZThey are a fashion lingerie brand established in Michigan, USA since 2001. PPZ strives to find the balance between casual and elegance with its delicate fabrics, simplicity and fashionable styles. Ergonomic design makes PPZ lingerie ultra skin-touch and comfortable. 

And it really is. The fabrics are super high quality and I do love their silky touch, they literally become your second skin. I am not much of a bra fan since I do not need to wear one, but sometimes I am forced by circumstances and this PPZ bra is the best choice. After wearing it for 7-8 hours of having the bra on, I didn't feel uncomfortable wearing it! It doesn't even show under my top and you get a very natural result since it's not padded - I hate padded bras.

They are all about celebrating femininity, comfort and...oh well, just enjoying life!

wearing: PPZ Burgundy Mesh Romantic Angle Lace Bodysuit, find it here


PPZ Silver Pink Satin Mesh Wireless Bra, find it here:  http://i.ppz.com/2b6utZ5


Product photos and styling: Carla Vadan
Photos of me: Cristian Vadan
Contains excerpts from: www.thefemininewoman.com - What Is Femininity?

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  1. Si ca sa vb de feminitate.. trebuie sa ne si dezbracam, pt ca altcumva e imposibil sa vorbesti de feminitate, fara sa fie o poza cu o femeie naked sau half naked care sa starneasca curiozitatea barbatilor... Imi vine sa vomit cand vad "articole" de genu

    1. Draga Anonymus, daca nu iti place "articolul" si "blogul" meu, nu il accesa. Sau vomita in pace. Daca intampini dificultati in a intelege limba engleza, te sfatuiesc sa mai studiezi. O carte, macar o data pe an, nu face rau. Nu ai inteles deloc ideea "articolului" in primul rand. Iar in al doilea rand, nu sunt nici naked, nici half naked in aceste fotografii. Eventual da un google translate: Femininity is not about vulgarity or being "porn". Is quite the contrary: is being sophisticated, mysterious, having good taste. It's about having grace and self-confidence.


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