Hippie Inspired With a Twist

September 23, 2016

Milan Fashion Week is the most important fashion event taking place these days, just before Paris Fashion Week! Of course I've been looking forward seeing the new collections from my favourite brands: Gucci, Fendi, La Perla, Etro, Giamba and so on; after all, it's about what it's seen at the Fashion Weeks, that's going to inspire the trends for the next year!

Many designers are going for a feminine approach, where ruffles and embroidery rule the entire outfit. What's not to love? I've been talking about embroidery in my previous posts, but today if about bringing back a mood: 60's hippie with a rock twist - given by the altered jeans and studded backpack and a contemporary touch -  the flat mules (my favourite shoes!)

How to wear the embroidered blouse? With an open heart! With peace in your soul, with happiness and serenity. Let your inner beauty shine!

I'm wearing an embroidered linen blouse from SammyDress, with some amazing floral and cut-out details! The fabric is 100% linen though, unbelievable but true - it's a bargain! It's a perfect choice for a sunny end of the week, paired with jeans and flats. You can even throw a black leather jacket on top if and you're ready to go! Find it on this link - here.

What would work with an embroidered blouse? Cut the sweetness with a studded leather backpack, big enough to fit just your essentials. I love mine, it's actually a bucket bag with straps, from SammyDress, find it on this link - here.  I love the silver detailing on it, even though it looks tough, it's still delicate and feminine. 


Photos: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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