Embracing the Cold Weather

October 08, 2016

I'm back to London and the summer is officially over. It's rainy, windy, it's cold. I am happy though because I love layering and I love oversized cosy items such as sweaters, jackets or coats! Autumn is one step closer to winter and that makes me happy. 

Winter has always been special to me, some of the happiest moments of my life are all set in winter: childhood memories or huge snowflakes and silver snow covering everything back in Cluj-Napoca, my hometown, making it look like a huge movie set (because it was so damn perfect it looked almost unreal), sledging together with my friends, awesome Christmas parties with my dearest friends and family, my husband proposed to me on a very special Christmas in Paris, going carolling with my childhood friends to all our neighbours (there were hundreds of apartments we would go to), being in the class, in elementary school and when it started snowing it was like the time stopped: everybody was extremely happy and was counting down the days to the Christmas holiday and many more. I know it's not winter yet but I got carried away by the beauty of it.

Point is, I'm starting to invest in new pieces for the cold season, and I have some pretty awesome suggestions for you as well. I've been shopping in Paris lately, I found some amazing vintage shops and the lovely ankle boots I'm wearing today from one of my favourite shoe brands, Jonak. Online shopping is something I will never quit, it's easy and fun and Zaful is one of my favourite shopping platforms, as you probably know; I am thrilled to have found this superb tassel jumper, which is soft and warm and above all looks amazing! It's a statement piece that can be worn in many different combinations. Delivery time? Around 3-4 days, so don't worry about that. Another key piece is the metallic ring belt, a must have piece I spotted some days ago and I needed it sooo bad! The shearling jacket is probably one of my fav trends for this winter, so here it is - from a vintage shop in Paris, and the mountain inspired shoes from Jonak. I paired everything with white trousers for a clean and minimalistic approach.

Be yourself and stay inspired!



Photos: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan
Wearing: vintage shearling jacket, Zaful tassel jumper and ring belt, Tu Clothing trousers, Sammy Icon socks, Jonak shoes and Plemo Raindrop Umbrella

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