Monday Blues

October 10, 2016

It's Monday again, the weekend flew away like it wasn't even there...and I caught a cold. I'm currently feeling terrible, my nose is runny and I have a terrible headache. Hot tea, lemon and honey are my best friends now. I hope I will feel better soon!

And to make myself feel better, I ended the contract with my phone supplier - had one month left of my contract and the reception was extremely bad on my phone, therefore I decided to change the provider and ordered a brand new iPhone 7 Plus. It's gonna be with me in the next weeks and I couldn't be happier! I chose the Rose Gold version because I think it's feminine and fun!

 This is what I actually wore on my way to the store, a comfortable and chic outfit, perfect for a cold and rainy day: an oversized jumper from StyleWe, worn on top of a beautiful ruffle dress from the same website.

 I love the sweater, it's made from a super cosy wool mix, and its oversized sleeves are absolutely gorgeous! Its neutral shade make it a super versatile item, it can be dressed up or down - and it definitely keeps you warm! The dress is very feminine and the ruffles are a major trend for the next year too! I love the devoré print, it's delicate and chic!I love mixing warm wintery fabrics such as oversized knits with summery ones, it always looks dreamy!

I also fell in love with a studded leather wallet which I found on the above mentioned website, StyleWe. It's big enough to fit my ID, cards and membership cards and the studs are something I've always loved. The perfect wallet, see for yourself.

Find this awesome wallet on this link - here.

Take care until next time.


Photos: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan
Wearing: StyleWe dress and sweater, Jonak shoes, Plemo Raindrop Umbrella.

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