Let Yourself Shine

October 18, 2016


Today it's all about no.2 and no.3 - denim + glitter, ruffles + leather. Denim is taking over the fashion world now, it's all about oversized denim jackets, raw hem, denim on denim, patchwork denim, etc. I customised this jacket myself - you can find out all about it in one of my older posts - here, because I had something in mind and couldn't find something similar to buy. And why spend money on it when I can have a unique jacket and use my skills too? Haha. 
I adore glitter as I previously stated! It's childish, it's a bit kitsch, and I love how it looks when mixed with denim - precious. Now what if I would add ruffles to this equation? It certainly adds a romantic touch and makes the assembly more feminine, with a playful twist. I found this gorgeous shirt on SammyDress, you can buy it HERE.

The Obi Belt is one of the accessories I've been in love for some years now, and it happens to be on trend (I don't think it will ever go out of fashion, but who cares - I will continue to wear it). When I found this faux leather trousers, I was more than happy, they're comfy, chic and perfect for cold and rainy days! One of my style trademarks is mixing textures, so here it is: denim + glitter + ruffles + leather. A mix I truly feel amazing in!

Take care until next time. 



Photos: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan
Wearing: customised vintage denim jacket, SammyDress ruffle sleeve shirt, Asos trousers, Warehouse mules.

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