Festive With A Twist

November 17, 2016

When I was little, I was obsessed by dinosaurs.

I knew all their names, their sizes and the places they lived and how'd they became extinct. I used to imagine how it would be to ride one and how would I see the world from up there. But today I'm riding double deckers so my dream came true, haha! Now that you know about my passion for dinosaurs, you can tell why I went crazy when I found this shirt on RoseWholesale: it was dinosaurs all over it, and not only that: there are sequins all over them! And it's a denim shirt - so it can be dressed up or down, mainly down because it's super shiny! Without further ado, I present my favourite shirt ever which you can find on this link, right HERE.

You can easily wear this outfit to a party or even to your job, if you have a crazy enough one that allows you such freedom. Just enjoy yourself and spread the joy!



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  1. oh, it's the same stoty with me and dinoaurs! :) btw, I ordered this shirt too! :))


    1. Really? Dinosaurs are just fab! :) I'm so curious how you will style it, send me a pic!! <3

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