Stay Warm

November 19, 2016

opt for pastels mixed with embroidered details.

I'm not afraid of winter or of the cold weather in general. I love snow and winter is one of my favourite seasons to be honest. Many people I see on the streets seem to opt for dark colours or neutrals for this season, but I couldn't disagree more: mixing colourful pastels into your wardrobe is always a good idea!

You know those little things that can brighten up your day? Well, pastels can be among them. They are timeless, happy and can look exquisite, depending on how you mix them. Today, I felt like mixing pastels with embroidery and military details. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Here's how I mixed my two new fav items from RoseWholesale.

Choose an oversized coat in a pastel shade - I prefer pink - mix it with dark accessories for a full effect - think navy, black - and with a pair of statement jeans - the embroidered jeans are on trend and a super smart alternative to the basic jeans. The floral embroidery is a must, but carefully choose your jeans: go for the classic mom jeans in pure cotton, not the stretchy ones. 

The coat and jeans are from RoseWholesale and they are absolutely adorable! I love the fabric of the coat, it's thick and cosy, it gives you the kind of comfort you have when under a blanket while looking stylish. Find it HERE
The jeans are 100% cotton and the floral embroidery is on point. They quickly became my fav jeans for the season. Find them HERE.

Have a perfect weekend!


Styling: Carla Vadan
Wearing: RoseWholesale coat and jeans, H&M captain cap, Asos boots, SammyDress bag.

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