Chasing the Sun

December 29, 2016

you have to believe in yourself.

When the Sun is up and there is a very short moment of possible warm weather, I'm out there, making the most of it. The Sun gives me energy, hope and a very positive mood (even though I like to keep my skin as white as possible and not get tanned, so I'm always using SPF 50). Some days, in the middle of the winter, I'm dreaming of the first days of spring: those really magical ones, when the Sun shines brighter, stronger, and the nature comes back to life. I know we're still in December but I love dreaming. 

For today, I chose velvet and checkered pieces, all from TwinkleDeals
I'm wearing:

The bag is from H&M and the trainers Stan Smith by Adidas. Are you as in love with Klein blue as I am?    

Styling: Carla Vadan

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