Feeling The Blues (Literally)

December 30, 2016

Look at the bright side.

Who cares about the cold? Just go out there and enjoy your life! Today, my best friend Tița together with her partner Dan are coming to visit us, and we couldn't be happier! We are going to spend NYE together - we don't have anything set yet - but what matters is we will all be together, enjoying precious moments of this super short life. 
This is how I'm going to greet them in few hours, I'm counting down the minutes and I'm on my way to get them as you read this article. Special friends require a special outfit, so here I am, wearing my fav wrap dress, super flowy and summery (but I love the contrast between winter items and summery ones) and my gorgeous denim bag from Gamiss, paired with my Zara faux fur I bought last year, H&M beanie and EEeight by Miista ankle boots.
What are your special plans for the last days of this year?

Photos: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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