His and Hers

December 16, 2016

      Caress the detail, the divine detail.

Fringe makes me think of America - from the traditional Native American jackets to Jimmy Hendrix and Elvis - but that doesn't mean I want to wear an entire outfit inspired by this little detail, by the Natives or the pop culture. It's 2016 after all. So decided to take my fringe coat to the street, and mix it into an urban, ready-to-wear winter outfit. 
I know you probably think of summer, of some festivals and image yourself wearing a fringe jacket with some Levi's shorts and knee-high suede boots, but this is not the case. Dare to wear pieces in unexpected combinations! I mixed this funky tasseled coat I found on Sammydress with a midi wool dress with side slits, black tights (because it's really cold), red wool socks, silver leather sandals and a wool cap. Confused? See for yourself.

I had to get a colourful bomber that I fell in love with for Cristian, my husband, because I imagined it would suit him! It's padded, so perfect for winter and matched the tones in my fringe jacket, haha! He loved it! It's an easy to wear item that looks fresh and fun. It comes in 3 colour options, and I'm really curious which one do you love the most? 

Photos + styling: Carla & Cristian Vadan

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