Velvet Dreams

December 17, 2016

Keep calm and enjoy the weekend.

Velvet has always been one of my favourite fabrics. I can even remember one of my velvet bodysuits I used to have as a child: soft white an pink velvet with accents of green. I loved it! I would wear it with ballerina inspired skirts and patent leather sandals. Wish I still had that amazing bodysuit!

Velvet is amazing in many ways: apart from its beauty and elegance, its history goes back in time, to the old Chinese dynasties in the 403 B.C.E. The first producers of velvet were Iraq and Egypt though, with pieces that date back to 2000 B.C. The technique to create it was so complex and time-consuming that it was an extremely high-end luxury good, available only to royalty and the very rich.

The first European country to introduce it was Italy, became extremely popular among the wealthy buyers and it started being used in many luxury items such as furniture, clothing, upholstery, curtains - even wallpaper. It was adored in Renaissance and made widely available during the Industrial Revolution. As you know, nowadays it continues to be adored and this season seems to be everywhere from accessories, clothes to interior design items. 

For today's outfit, I chose an embroidered velvet jacket in burgundy, paired with a basic roll neck, a gorgeous pastel pink pleated skirt and a pink backpack - it's warm, comfortable and fun, so let the weekend begin!

Wearing SammyDress, almost everything:

small chain backpack - sold out
Adidas Superstar trainers, Promod roll neck, Calvin Klein tights.

Styling: Carla Vadan

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