How To: Comfy + Chic

February 01, 2017

If you're a sucker for comfy items and love basics, this is your moment to shine as wearing athleisure (athletic + leisure) has never been easier! Wear your favourite items and feel as comfy as you are when going to the gym...except you're not. The secret behind this low-key OOTD is super simple: choose high quality pieces and accessorise them correctly.

I opted for a thick, soft jumper in a gorgeous shade of blue - found it on NastyDress and I'm super impressed with its quality! In my opinion, those very basic cotton joggers are for sleeping only but I love the idea of feeling "at home wherever you are" so opted for jogger-inspired pleather trousers -  I consider them a wearable and more sophisticated version, for both day or night. For another pop of colour, I went for my orange strap bag, a pair of ultra-long statement earrings and the best shoes in the world, my Stan Smiths. I'm all set for a long, busy day!

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