That Feeling

May 13, 2017

Sometimes a simple piece of clothing can bring us such strong emotions: perhaps it evokes a sweet memory from the past, teleports us back to our childhood or simply takes us to a magical dream state. 

The other day I saw a pair of golden braided sandals in Zara and it instantly made me think of my mom and the way she used to wear hers in the 90's. I remembered I love those sandals so much that I kept wearing them in our house as a little child and I wore them until my mom couldn't wear them any longer. Of course they were many sizes too big! Then lots of memories started coming back: the place we were living back then, the endless summer days when the breeze made our curtains dance to its song, the blue carpet that was my playground, the exotic palm tree and ocean wallpaper that would cover the wall, the smell of oranges in the morning, my mother's eyeshadow palette filled with vivid colours, my gipsy friends that would come to my birthday parties and danced until their feet hurt.

When I saw this dress, the same memories hit me and I said to myself I got to have it no matter what! All my fun, warm, carefree memories are trapped inside this piece of clothing. Its print actually reminds me of my grandma and my great grandmother and of the clothes they used to wear inside home when I was little. So do the precious buttons - my grandma used to keep gorgeous buttons inside a metallic jar painted with pale pink roses in our kitchen. Oh how I loved to count them! Then the summer holidays, the red bike I used to have back in the days and ultimately, our honeymoon spent in the French Riviera.

My advice? Whenever you find a piece of clothing, an accessory, a piece of jewellery which actually makes you feel something, just go for it. Wear it as much as you please and make sure to keep it close to your heart.


I'm wearing: METISU dress, vintage blazer & brooch, Adidas Stan Smith, no name heart-shaped glasses, DressLily mini bag.

Photos: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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