Windy Weekend

May 06, 2017

Ok, so probably the summer is not as close as I kept hoping - London continues to disappoint me with its cold, windy and rainy's like it never stops. The past years it's been warmer, sunnier, a bit nicer. It just feels like there's a continuous fall, since last September it's the same weather - with few exceptions, meaning 3-5 sunny days. 
I'm pissed because all my colourful summer clothes and all my precious mules are locked in my wardrobe and it looks like the only time when I'll get to wear them properly will probably be on my holiday back in Romania, where I hope for at least 40°C

Anyway it's been a busy week - on the 4th of May I've been attending the Boohoo AW17 Press Day, which was super-fun! I found some ah-maaaazing pieces in their new collection and I just can't wait to wear them. They will be out in September  - with this weather, I wish they were out now - but stay tuned, I'm preparing a blog post for you with lots of photos from the event. Till then, enjoy your weekend!


Photo: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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  1. Love this look girl!! Amazing xx


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