The Green Dress

October 19, 2017

When I'm thinking of gorgeous dresses, I'm thinking of METISU. That's because they have the coolest dresses - from vintage inspired to funky modern ones and it's always a pleasure to discover what they have in store. 

This time, I ordered two dresses - both vintage inspired - and this is one of them. With puffy oversized shoulders and golden buttons (lovely details actually - there's a lion head on each), it features a belt to mark the waist nicely and in spite of its midi length, it's actually short - check out that slit! Its colour it's amazing and the fabric is soft and silky. The perfect combo? With a newsboy cap, a statement bag with a vintage feel (paaaatchwork for life) and Gucci pearl embellished loafers. I recently have an obsession with these mesh socks so you will see them often. 

Stay tuned for the next blog post, where I will present the other dress. Curious? It's 60's inspired.


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Photo: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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  1. Found your blog on lookbook! I love your style so much! ♡

    Ellone | | Minimal Lifestyle & Fashion

    1. Thank you! Love your blog too xx Sunt si eu romanca, ma bucur ca iti place stilul meu!


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