October 18, 2017

I've never worn over knee boots before, but I remember my mum used to, in the 90's. Actually, I remember her wearing a pair very similar to this one so my subconscious might have influenced my decision. Being tall and wearing these is either provocative, either lame as they never seem to be right length (even these could use another 10 cm) - on the short girls they are literally "over the knee" but being short and wearing these might make you even shorter. Now that I've decided it's an item impossible to look absolutely perfect in, I'm starting to love them. Love mixin' them with A-line skirts and oversized jumpers, fluid summery dresses, colourful tights and fun accessories like berets, hats, colourful backpacks or bags so the whole look becomes "artsy", not trashy. 

There's a fine line between these two extremes which I always care about and make sure I don't cross it. There's nothing uglier than a vulgar look and a girl trying to be "sexy" (oh how I hate this word) and looking super cheap instead. 

My oversized jumper and the embroidered leather skirt are from ZAFUL, and they're both really comfortable and good quality. I love the studded details on the skirt, it takes it into a "rock chick" zone which I'm really into. The boots and backpack are from RoseGal - I promise these boots are comfortable and true to size, made of vegan suede and have lovely details. The backpack is perfect in size (and colour, I knoooow!) - it's not too big, but it's not small either, featuring an internal pocket and two external ones which are really handy. And the beret, even though they're everywhere I bought this one the first time I visited Paris so it's close to my heart. 


Oh, let's not forget that Halloween is near! RoseGal has some pretty sweet Halloween costumes and decorations ready for you, make sure to check them out on their RoseGal HALLOWEEN page . And they are giving away $100 gift cards - how awesome is that? All you need to do is go on this link HERE and play a fun game of recognising the main Halloween characters, loved and adored by so many! There are discount vouchers to be won and 3 lucky winners will enjoy their $100 gift cards. The event ends on October 31st, so make sure to head there ASAP. Ready for Halloween?

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Photo: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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  1. Your boots are lovely and seem very flattering. The lace up detail on the back is a nice detail : ) I think the sweater tucked into the mini skirt is a nice balance.


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