Faux Fur for Life

November 15, 2017

Fake fur is life. Winter can't be winter without some cosy faux fur, checked prints, chunky knits and some comfy ankle boots. I am wearing them all now because I love them all and they make me feel good. They make me feel...myself. 

A simple dress with a fun print and a cool cut is all you need for a casual yet sophisticated day look. Go for puffy shoulders like I went and accessorise it with a belt in case your dress isn't too short - mine was so I decided to tell the belt "buh bye". I love this chunky beanie, it's literally HUGE, you should see it in real life - the definition of cosiness. For my Romanian fans, I know you now think of the infamous Axinte (a funny character from a comedy show who used to wear a huge beanie that made his head look like a mushroom - almost like mine 🤣).

The boots are tried and tested - I've been walking for hours in them and they truly are comfortable and true to size. The bird & flowers print is uber cute and they resemble Dr. Martens a lot, it's basically the same sole. They certainly are statement boots and look great with trousers & jeans or with skirts & dresses. I honestly prefer them with dresses as they look a bit masculine so I love the contrast. There is never too much fur in one outfit, at least not for me...so I added a super fluffy fur bag to the whole thing which feels like Colas (my cat). You will feel the need to stroke & cuddle it and that's what makes it fun. Enjoy!


Photo: @eduuard
Styling: @carlavadan

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