When Nothing Feels Right, Make a Change

November 17, 2017

Sometimes in life you feel like you need a break. Not that you're physically tired, but because things just aren't going how you always dreamt they would be. You feel like nothing's right, even if you did your part and everything should be fine. Except it's not. You start to get tired of everything - the country you live in, the city you live in, your clothes, your favourite food...you feel like you need a breath of fresh air. A change. And that's perfectly normal. It's fine.

In the past days, I've been talking to some of my friends about this. For every one of us, something isn't right - for some it's about their family, for some about money or the business they started, some of us don't seem to be lucky when it comes to love, for some it seems like nothing is right and still, we all go on. Trying, failing, trying again. It may take a while of continuously failing at whatever it's important to you until you get it right. Ok, that's a journey...it might take a while, you will get tired, at times you'll feel everything is pointless and it's like your goal is even further than you imagined, but you will eventually get there. How do I know? Well...it always works out. Sometimes it takes ages, but be patient. Believe in yourself. And when you feel nothing's right, just go for a change. No matter how small, it will make you feel better: change your hairstyle, your hair colour, wear something you've never even thought of wearing, do something nice for somebody, make gifts to your loved ones, spread some love. And the love will return to you. 

I really miss Cluj-Napoca at the moment and I am imagining how my life there would be, once again. Yes, I am bored of London and I feel undecided. And no, I am not bored of life. The one who said that didn't visit Transylvania in the first place. It's a magical land, where time flows slower, the people are friendly, kind, generous. The air is fresh, the food really has a (delicious) taste, the fruits and vegetables smell amazing (and taste the same), there are long winters with heavy snow, magical endless summers with hot weather and golden sunshine, there are old mountains and green forests, the Old Town smells like coffee and lilac in the spring, everything is Instagrammable. With the Brexit ahead, I feel once again that being European = being unwelcomed. Anyway, let's see what 2018 has in store for us...there's still time until 2019.

In the meantime, I chose to wear a super minimalist look in neutrals with a pop of Klein blue. Masculine in essence, I did feel comfortable, relaxed...and oh well, just felt myself in this outfit. Enjoy!


Blue Scarf (super soft)

Photo: @eduuard
Styling: @carlavadan

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