How To - All Red Everything

November 30, 2017

Christian, my husband, asked me why do I need two bags for this look. I answered promptly: "on the belt bag I am keeping all my coins so when I go to the charity shops I have them handy". No matter how many bags I would wear it probably won't be enough, most certainly you will see me carrying something else in a non-glamorous nylon bag, one of the foldable ones, just because the size/amount of the stuff you buy is always inversely proportionate to the size of your bag. Amen to that.

But I am not here to talk about that. You probably remember I'm going through my Red Period, no matter how funny that might sound - just like Picasso went through with his Blue one. Now if you're a bit cultured you know what I am talking about without Google searching this. Just joking. I love red, and I wanted to create a look like this for sometime now but couldn't find the right items in the right shade of red (the shade is important, otherwise you might look like an oversized road sign which would be lame). I found the jeans in a perfect shade of crimson red in H&M, and my crimson jumper on ZAFUL, along with the camel coat, velvet bag and sock boots. My secret, in wearing a colour from head-to-toe, is "calming" it down (especially if it's a bright one) with some neutrals. It doesn't mean they have to be boring: my velvet bag in a silvery shade (let's pretend it's grey) just works perfectly, together with the warmer camel of the coat. That way, you don't look like a giant road sign, you just look sophisticated and cool. That is my hones opinion.

Again, choosing quality fabrics with textures that work together, or shades of the same colour that go with each other is a must if you want to nail this trend down. I really love it, I would wear even in ten years from now, no matter the trends. For me, this look is feminine, classical and above all, a power look that you can wear anywhere, any time you want. Enjoy!


The Velvet Bag is unfortunately sold out.

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Photo: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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  1. this look is really chic but the coat looks more like peach to me! :D

  2. It’s definitely camel but as I’m altering the colours in my photos to get the vibe and feel that I want, it might look a bit different than in real life :) I love them artsy and nice but you can always click the links to the products and see the exact colour, haha.


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