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November 28, 2017

Because I've always done what I wanted, stayed true to myself and my principles, I studied Fine Art - both in high school and Uni. Those were really fun times, there was this immense freedom of dressing however you liked, however you wanted, however you felt like. And no one was there to laugh, point fingers or discriminate. We were one like one big awkward family, even with the ones we didn't speak to, even with the strangers.

Sometimes, I need to remind myself of those times. Why would you care about anyone when putting clothes on? We all need to put clothes on, just to be able to go outside. Honestly, I don't give a damn about what my neighbours are wearing, or the people on the street. Or whoever I am meeting. They are all usually dressed in sad tones of black & grey, as if the rainbow sunk into the ocean and drowned. I don't care if the women are wearing clothes that show their bodies and try to look provocative so the guys on the scaffoldings can whistle at them when they pass by and then complain the guys are such pigs when actually, their first intent was of being noticed for their features. Which is more than sad, but I understand that some people are limited and it is definitely not my job to try and change them. After all, if they'd all be cool who will we be making fun of when we gather with our friends for stories and drinks? No one! That's right.

Sometimes I love to wear clothes that hide my body, but make me feel great! Not that I have complexes (ok, I am not as thin as I want to be but that doesn't stop me from wearing what I want, I am a size 8 after all) but simply because they're cosy, different, fun, super comfortable and look really cool. Wearing socks with everything has always been my thing, so here I am once again sportin' my new glitter socks with the fluffiest mules ever. Now I'm really curious - what's the first thing you have in mind when creating an outfit? Is it the comfort, aesthetics, chromatic or...the feel of it? Comment below 💌


The trousers & shoes are ZAFUL too, but unfortunately sold out.

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Photo: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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  1. You look so adorable in this outfit! It's so cheerful, I think it's because of the orange and pink combo. Anyway you really look like an art student, but it's a compliment ;)
    I love when people are not afraid of what other people think when it comes to their clothes and I wish I had some more courage to wear what I really feel. When I put an outfit together mostly what I am thinking about is if this given outfit won't be 'too much', too overdressed, or too eye-catching. I love statement pieces, bold colors and unusual combinations, but I am too afraid of wearing it...

    1. Thank you, Carolina! Oh I know that feeling - trust me, I've always loved having my own style and sometimes it was difficult to just go out there and say: "hey, this is me" - when it was different from what the others were wearing. But just as we are all unique, feel free to be yourself in every aspect and please stop thinking this way - it's never too much as long as you're happy with yourself and your outfit and confident.


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