Bold Minimalism

December 07, 2017

Casual doesn't mean jeans and a plain jumper, casual can mean a lot of things. Dressing "casual" doesn't need to lack colour, fun and being bold, even in minimalism. Ok, you get that? Bold casual-minimalism, let's call it that way. Mixing colours, textures and styles into a minimal, casual, cool day look is easier than you thought.

I know my bag is not minimal at all, but hey...I had to add something fun! Ok, so first of all just think of few colours you love and you think would work together. If you're not sure about it, just grab a Pantone colour wheel and try different mixes. Everything can work with everything, as long as you combine the pieces harmoniously. For example, I had in mind three colours for this look - the brick red of the coat (I'll put the link to it below but it is definitely not brown, and definitely not the same coat as in the photo but it doesn't look bad, even though the fabric is not very warm or easy to iron), the baby blue of the dress (the dress is made from a thick knitted fabric and looks lovely, although I probably should have chosen a smaller size) and the emerald green of the bag. I added grey tights, the cosiest and warmest fur-lined sneakers which I am obsessed with in white, a black hat  (think of these as neutrals) plus I went for a bold purple lipstick - I am not sure how much you can see it as it gets dark at 15:30 in London now sooooo....yeah.

Second, think of the textures - ribbed, plain, knitted, furry, etc. Make them work together. I chose a plain wool hat, plain coat, ribbed dress and faux leather & fur sneakers. Plus the studded bag. Go for two-three different textures at first and gradually increase the number as you get more confident in mixing & matching. 

Third, rock & roll. Be confident, be yourself, love yourself and what you're wearing and the others will do too. Just long as you do. Easy, isn't it? I am looking forward to see your looks in the comment section below. Let's go!

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Photo: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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