Sweet Disposition

December 26, 2017

All I need after a generous Christmas are long walks and fresh air. There's been way too much delicious food and drinks and going to the gym just feels sad now since it's still the second day of Christmas , so I prefer to walk and discover new places, take photos, grab a yummy coffee to-go and just relax my mind a little more. I hope you all had a wonderful time these past days and I know you all feel like you need to 'escape' from the festive outfits and slip into some comfy casual clothes until New Year's Eve.

And I have the perfect 'remedy': I recently received the prettiest winter dress from METISU, a ribbed black midi dress, in the warmest and softest fabric ever. Yup, it's got a ribbon detail and a bit of an open-back, but with a proper jacket or coat over it you won't be cold. It's so minimal and simple that you can easily dress it up or down and wear it for various occasions, from day till night. Did I mention it's also really flattering? Because it definitely is! I opted for dressing it down, accessorising it with high-top Vans, a mini bag, an oversized beanie by Acne Studios and a caramel corduroy jacket with a faux fur hood from METISU. Plus red lips. I really love this mix, it's cool, modern and above all, everything is warm and comfy. So if you are looking to relax and cosy up, this is the outfit for you. 

And if you're the one spending your New Year's Eve in a dreamy cabin in the woods, this dress is definitely for you - pair it with modern hiking boots/snow boots, add a pair of stunning earrings and you're gonna feel perfect. Enjoy!


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