Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas! I wish you all a magical one, filled with peace, love, happiness and countless special, unforgettable moments near your loved ones ⭐

My year's been pretty rough behind the scenes - I had a surgery which stressed me for the first 6 months of the year - just waiting for it and thinking how would it go (all went well, thanks God), I left some apparently nice jobs behind because some of details concerning them weren't aligned with my principles and goals, I left some old friends behind - some relationship just stop working and I believe it's always better to leave them behind and move on, there are always nicer, happier, more awesome people coming into your life when you finally decide to clean your closet. Trust me on that. Beside that, I am happy to be alive and well, even in such troubled times (for the World in general). 
I am grateful to have an amazing and understanding husband whom I love with all my heart, awesome parents, incredible friends and a loving cat. And I am grateful for you guys, reading me and following my every step, a big thank you to each and every one of you 💖. It's a long and fun journey! I don't mean to be melancholic, but these are the last days of 2017, one of the worst years I've ever had, in many I am glad it will be over soon.  Out with the old, in with the new!

For this Christmas, I am avoiding red. I've worn it for many years, but it's a cliché and I am honestly tired of it. Instead, I opted for a dark green velvet dress (my photos are a bit dark but this is the dress I am talking about), a warm blazer in a subtle glen plaid and nude boots. The emphasis? On the accessories this time - a studded, oversized vintage belt that feels like a boxing belt and a Gucci dupe - one of the nicest fancy bags I received lately. The boots also have a subtle, Chanel-esque chain detail which I totally love, plus...I adorned my dark grey blazer with some sparkly star brooches. It's pretty warm in London for this time of the year - think 11 degrees, therefore I afford not to wear any tights. I am going for a natural eye makeup, with a dark lippy and a messy bun ( à la Française). I simply adore this look - it's simple in essence, yet sophisticated in appearance, super comfortable (comfort, comfort, comfort - it's all I care about when designing my looks) and can be worn anywhere - to a pub, at home, party with friends, party with family, carolling, etc. If it's colder, just add a warm scarf and thick tights and you're good to go!
Santa is almost here so I will let you enjoy your holidays. Have an amazing night!


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