Casual Thursday

December 21, 2017

The Christmas countdown has officially begun! Running errands is what I am up to, since the home decorating episode it's now over. The tree is up, all the decorations are in place, even our front door is adorned with a Christmassy wreath. What more could we ask for? But the food isn't going to cook itself, so we're busy finding all the right ingredients in order to cook our fav Christmas dishes - some traditional (Romanian), some modern and I am really excited, I just love this time of the year!

For this, I need warm and comfortable clothes take me feel cosy and happy. And because London is all about horrible weather - it's dark and gloomy from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep of course - I opted for some neutrals, some black and a bit of navy. I am wearing my new favourite coat, this beautiful faux shearling from METISU - I love it because I can sit anywhere with it without getting dirty, wet or cold, it's oversized so I feel myself in it; you probably know by now I love oversized clothes in which I can breathe and feel comfortable, instead of tight ones that make me feel self-aware all the time. Above all, let it rain and be all humid, because this blankety coat is got me covered - it protects me from rain (yasss!) and basically feels like a cocoon - definitely a winter's favourite!

The soft jumper (one of the softest I've ever had), asymmetric skirt and beanie are all from ZAFUL. They have nice stuff on their Christmas sale 2017 and let me tell you a secret: the beanie is all lined with pink faux fur, which makes it incredibly warm and...soft! That makes me think -why do we need some much softness in the winter? It's funny, isn't it? The pom pom is faux fur too - don't worry, I don't wear real fur. I am a vegetarian for ten years now and definitely love fur when it's alive and kicking, on  cute animals, not when it's dead and yells suffering. 

So if you guys look for a nice, warm, comfy & chic outfit to do your last Christmas shopping in (or any shopping in the winter for that matter), go for something similar. You will enjoy every little moment without feeling discomfort or being cold. 💗
Make sure to check both METISU and ZAFUL for more lovely items, and their Christmas deals. There will be many after Christmas sales on Zaful so make sure to keep an eye open.


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