Christmas Fav - Rosemary, Almond & Red Wine Choc Cake

December 19, 2017

I must admit, this one's a first. Although I really love baking, I never thought of sharing a recipe. Until now. I bake all sorts of vegetarian dishes - I am a vegetarian for almost ten years now - from quiches and tarts to cakes and bread. The bread is the thing that I bake most often, up to three times per week; although I am trying my best to avoid it, I love a good Sunday brunch with avocado on fresh toasted bread and a big omelette du fromage. I mostly bake for Cristian, my husband and our friends who all love fresh home-made bread (who doesn't?). 

When it comes to cakes, I like to keep it simple - no icings and super sugary stuff, I leave that for my mum, grandma and mother-in-law, it's their thing, they are all amazing at it and I adore their cakes. I like easy recipes that make delicious food and don't get me spending hours in the kitchen. I stumbled on this recipe in a magazine, but I decided to bake it my way and I will share every step with you. For those of you who want to bake something delicious and different this Christmas, this is your recipe. You might think rosemary plus red wine plus chocolate is gross, but let me say this: it's freakin' amazing! It's a mix that really works together, all the tastes combine into a divine creation that looks, tastes and smells ah-mazing! Without further ado, I will share it with you below. Enjoy and looking forward to hear your thoughts/comments 💖.



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