Forget About the Rules

December 18, 2017

Mixing stuff that apparently doesn't work together is my thing. I simply love contrasts, extremes, clashes. It's just who I am, a big part of my personality so I can't deny it, even when it comes to my style.

Some people are linear, always liking the same things, thinking the same thoughts, wearing the same stuff. And that's ok, don't get me wrong - but it's boring and sad. That's just my opinion. Just like we all react differently to situations, other people and life in general, I think it's only fair to allow ourselves to like contrasts, even just once in a while. For example, I follow many girls on Instagram who I don't know...are minimalists, or by contrary, are extremely flashy. But after a while, it just gets boring -  the same colour scheme, same styling, same flat lays, same everything. I admire their linearity but for me it's just a terrible thing to live with. To put it this way, I couldn't, can't and won't live by it.

Just like yesterday when I went out I felt like wearing something simple - like this very cosy and warm coat in a wool mix from, together with the crisp white shirt-dress made of pure cotton from the same brand and a beanie. But then I felt like adding my super glittery leggings from H&M, colourful sock boots, a big furry bag and my OFF-WHITE belt. On paper, it shouldn't work. But check me out. It's a fun mix because I believe that first of all, fashion should be fun. You should just go wild, forget about the rules, be yourself and laugh while you're at it. And if people stare, let them stare. Sometimes I just fake smile and wave, saying "Heeeelloooo!" to all the people staring while we shoot. Who cares? Just like I make fun of the people that have a terrible sense of style all the time, let them all wonder what the hell you were thinking. It's worth it, I am always having fun like this - going to buy avocados and spring onions dressed almost for the red carpet. And why not? After all, life is one big, funny, crappy show. Can I get an encore?


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