The Masculine-Inspired Suit

January 03, 2018

What about suits? I know suits were a hit in 2017, but everybody was wearing them so they weren't as appealing to me. So I decided to go for them in 2018 instead. Suits can't be on trend in my opinion, it's like we're talking about wearing shoes at work in an office would be optional. Simply not possible. They are timeless. A chic masculine-inspired suit in a crisp cut and lightweight fabric is to die for. No matter the year.

I couldn't settle for one, so I got two. This beautiful pastel blue suit from, featuring cropped trousers ( a bit pyjama inspired which I loooove) and a double-breasted blazer that I always prefer to wear open, or as a dress with nothing underneath (except underwear of course, but here's not the case since the blazer is too short for that), and another suit which I will wear soon and post it over here, of course. The suit is my go-to option for this spring, dressed down with trainers - everything from Converse to Stan Smith & Superstar to Gucci) goes, and with a slouchy tee. 

Please, don't wear a bra with your t-shirts unless you really need to (I am talking C cup +). It looks much sexier, cooler without. Or if you really feel like it, choose a discrete lace bra/bralete underneath. Don't ruin t-shirts by wearing padded or push-up bras, it simply looks fake and disgusting. I don't have a big chest and I don't want to pretend I do - whoever loves me, loves me this way and besides, in my opinion small breasts are much nicer. And kinkier. Think of all the models who have them. Think Kate Moss. 💗 

With that being said, I choose to wear pastels with other neutrals in terms of accessories - camel, light brown, white for a really fresh look. Check out the pics below and get inspired. What do you thik about masculine-inspired suits, are they your cup of tea?


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