His and Hers + My Spring Wish List

January 06, 2018

Dresses. Who doesn't love them? They're easy to wear, feminine, chic, light, flattering (if you choose the right one for your body type), provocative, they can be everything you want them to be. 

Probably the type of dresses that I love the most are the wrap-dress and the kimono-dress, with a generous depp V-neck and marked waist. They are perfect for summer and even great for winter, if you dare to layer them - I am talking about jeans, leggings, vinyl trousers, etc. They vary in length, you can find these dresses in their mini or midi version or maxi, depending on your mood and what you want to...show. 
Just like in my last post, I will say that the best way to wear this dress is without a bra. But then again, I don't have a big chest so I can wear a deep V as deep as I want because it won't look trashy. Yup, that's my opinion and you are allowed to your own - I think a generous cleaveage plus a generous chest equalls a horrible combination. In my opinion, it's not provocative, or sexy or even feminine - it's just trashy and cheap. There are plenty of more flattering alternative for those of you that are more gifted by Mother Nature. 

So I decided to layer this shiny satin wrap dress with my vinyl trousers, mix it with furry mules and an orange pile jacket to keep me warm. I truly feel good in this mix, I feel "myself", and above all it keeps you warm-ish...in 10 degrees, no less. But you can always add boots to this equation instead of mules, and those will be much warmer.


Check out my ZAFUL spring
wishlist below, from left to right: Gingham Trench Coat | Embroidered Lingerie | Asymmetric Top | Pink Sunnies

Cristian, on the other hand, went for a minimal outfit, with a Nothern-inspired cable knit, a pure wool beanie, faux-shearling jacket, clean denim trousers and Doc Martens. Yup, that's cosy and looks perfect for a winter day. Personally, I love this style for men - minimal, with clean lines and a pop of colour or small prints. It's timeless, yet you can adjust it to your own personality and needs. 


And speaking of RoseGalcheck out my spring list from them below: the jumpers can be found in the men's section, while the accessories are women's. And make sure to check their latest event on RoseGal - here.

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