SS18 TRENDS - The Anorak

January 09, 2018

One of the coolest trends for this SS18 is the anorak, making it one of my favourite choices for the new season. It reminds me of childhood in a way, I used to have hundreds of anoraks, in various shapes and colours and I was in love with all of them.

 I can even remeber them clearly now, 20 years later. If I would have them now, I bet you would all be jealous: my favourite one was a magenta patent one and a black patent one with a soft velvety lining, black with green polka dots. Oh, and there was another one with a zipped hood, one of those you can easily transform in an oversized collar. Those are the ones I remember the best and I had them all from my auntie who lived in San Francisco back in the days and used to send me the most awesome clothes. They were so cool but nobody had them in my elementary school, so I remember children making fun of them. They didn't know what having style is like. But I didn't care, I wore them as much as the weather allowed me.

Today, when I saw this oversized anorak in the new H&M AW17 Studio Collection, I knew it had to be mine. To be honest, I wasn't impressed with H&M's styling for this piece, therefore I was lucky enough to find it in store so I could try it on and see how it would fit me. It's an awesome piece in a cosy wool blend, and in spite of you thinking is not versatile, it is. You can wear it as a top, jacket or dress, depending on your mood and personal style. 

It's all over the catwalks too, so make sure to check Pinterest and get fresh ideas of styling it in case you can't find any yourself.  Check out Balenciaga, Céline, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Isabel Marant, Dion Lee, Public School, Collina Strada, and the list go on. 


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