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January 13, 2018

I bet that those of you who love clothes have some hidden gems in your wardrobe, bought few years back and now forgotten. From time to time, you remember about few pieces, but then you say to yourself: "Nah, I bought that two years ago, not sure I want to wear it." But you're not sure of giving it away either.

I bought this boiler suits two years ago in H&M. It was on sale, so I paid less than £10 for it - I bought it from back home in Cluj where I paid just 40 RON for it. I wore it once then, for a dinner, paired it with heeled pom-pom sandals and a Calvin Klein sports bra, and I remember all the people staring at me when I entered the pub, or when I would make my journey to the ladies' room. It was fun, I really love seeing people's reaction when you wear sometimes less ordinary, less seen on the streets. Some might think it's a worker's uniform, some associate it with the uniform that the inmates wear in the US, I just love it.

To be honest, I stopped wearing it because it's an item that requires ironing. And I'm lazy, so most of the times I hate ironing. But I promised myself, not anymore. From 2018 I will iron more, so I can wear everything I own. And I own thousand of clothes. So probably I'll spend an entire week ironing. I'm just joking. I prefer to wear it in the summer though, as it looks much better unzipped half way, with a sports bra underneath and worn either with heeled sandals, or trainers, depending on the occasion. 
But it doesn't look bad in the winter either, so if you think a boiler suit would suit you, just go for it. And observe people's reaction. It's hilarious. Not that it's something unique and extraordinary, but as I told you - it's not often seen. So prepare for a good laugh.


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