Get the Look - Minimal Layering

February 05, 2018

I know many of you hate layering. You probably think you need to be skinny in order to layer pieces and not look like an elephant, but you're wrong.

Well no matter how many spring clothes I've recently ordered in the hope to see the Sun more often, it's still winter, wether I like it or not. I love winter, but not the London winter - it's just gloomy, rainy and windy, with no snow and very very little Sun. Depressing. Anyway, I decided to fight back: by the power invested in me, I now wear few of my fav springs pieces, all layered up. Yup, that's right. And it's warmer than ever.

It all started with these khaki drawstring trousers I found in H&M some weeks back. They can be found here. Although I don't usually wear khaki green and I totally hate it, now I began to love it. They are a reinterpretation after Stella McCartney's drawstring trousers which I totally adore, perhaps that's why I started to love this khaki too, haha. But let's not lie to ourselves, these are a spring/summer piece. So I decided to wear them in the middle of the winter, with some added layers in the upper part of the body to keep me warm.
I went for a cosy knit in a off-white, my checked summery blazer, then I added a thick wool coat. And golden earrings. I just love wearing earrings over turtle neck jumpers, I find it classy and aesthetically pleasing.

So here I am, all cosy and warm wearing some of the pieces I bought for this spring and summer. Layering it's easier than you thought, and well...personally, I adore mixing summery fabrics with thick, wintery ones. It's just one of those contrasts that works for me. The super pretty minimal bag I am wearing is super affordable too, well compatimented and simply works with...every single thing!


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