Trench Coat-ing

February 12, 2018

I know you are all obssesed with trench coats now, as the trend is huge at the moment. I know some of you are frustrated because of the weather outside, way too cold to rock a trench and feel comfy and stay warm. But hear me out.

I will start with the "L" word: layering. Yup, it's so easy to wear a trench coat when it's just 3 degrees out, like it was in London this morning - add warm layers. Warm layers don't necessarily mean chunky jumpers which of course, will make you look bigger (just like in my photos, but I can't help it, I fell in love again with this chunky knit I got a year ago), but also less bulkier pieces such as: a warm tank top + wool/wool mix jumper/turtleneck + blazer/denim jacket +  the cherry on top, your beloved trench. 

It's important to go for fabrics which keep you warm: wool, cashmere, merino, leather, etc. Layering natural fabrics will keep you super warm and still feel extra light. Keep that in mind. Back to the trench coat now. Personally, I own six. I have worn them for the past years, but not super often; some of them, which have a slimmer cut, won't make layering possible therefore the weather has to be perfect to wear those - a sunny spring day, a cold summer night, you know the drill. This one though, is oversized. Not entirely based on its cut, but because I went 1-2 sizes up. I found it on Zaful where I usually go for a US size 6, not because I need it (I could easily wear size 4 or maybe a 2), but I prefer a looser fit. I aim for a relaxed fit, which allows me to breathe and move freely. There's nothing more I hate than super tight clothes in which you can't breathe and have to be self conscious at all times. Bleah! Not for me.

So this time, with this particular trench (which is gorgeos in real life too the fabric is soft, thick, easy to iron) I went for a timeless, classic, minimal, momsy look. It just felt right. Maybe tomorrow I will wear the trench over a slip dress, with a pair of silk mules. If only the British weather will allow me. Simplicity, neutral colours and Matrix-inspired sunglasses. That's the 2018 femininity I adore. 

Oh, in case you are wondering where do I have the pendant from, Cristian bought it for me five years ago from a vintage shop, one of those proper vintage shops that feels like a time machine, full of precious little treasures. As you probably noticed, I don't wear necklaces very often, but when I do...I always find the prettiest ones. Enjoy!


trench coat streetstyle

chunky knit and pendant

LFW 2018 streetstyle

slingbacks and trench coat

small cat eye sunglasses outfit

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