Weekend Destination - Rediscovering Folkestone

February 19, 2018

One of my favourite towns by the sea, close to London is Folkestone. We've been there many times, so when we woke up to a bright sunny day last Saturday, we took the spontaneous decision to hop in the car and drive to this wonderful place once again.

For those of you who don't know, Folkestone is a port town in Kent, South-East England. It's a peaceful little town where, on a sunny day, you can make the most of it and its beautiful cliffy surroundings. You have the English Channel, the beach, amazing little restaurants or kiosks selling everything from fresh seafood and fish to Italian gelato, the Big Greek Bus (that has the most delicious halloumi wrap in the world) you have the Lower Leas Coastal Park which is quite amazing, there is a cool skate park and various shops in which you can find hidden treasures.

One of my favourite bits is the Creative Quarter, where you can find the best independent shops. Whatever you have in mind, you can probably find it here: there are the artists and makers, the creative businesses, the shops, each unique in its own way. The buildings are colourful and quirky, probably reminding me of my dear hometown, Cluj. Everything is Instagramable, you feel like taking pictures on every single street corner, and it feels like one day or few hours is simply not enough to discover the beauty this city has to offer.

This time, I discovered one of the best vintage shops I've been to, Bounce. They have one-of-a-kind pieces, all in great condition and very affordable. I have been to many vintage shops (vintage shops sell clothes with a history, 10 to 20 years old or maybe more; this is not a charity shop or your regular second-hand shop, please stop using the word "vintage" when you buy a Zara top from your favourite second-hand) in this world, from Paris  to London, other smaller European cities, but even though I found amazing stuff, they were rarely in a good condition. The ones that were in a good condition, well those were certainly over-priced. We found many items we loved, but we bought the ones we loved the most: two leather motorcycle jackets, Carhartt dungarees, one 70's Deux pièces. 
I will probably show them on the blog or Instagram, as soon as I will get to wear them (the weather won't allow me as it's quite cold in London at the moment), so stay tuned. However, you can see my new fav motor jacket below. I feel like a rock star in it, haha.

 I will leave you with the photos now, they speak for themselves. Enjoy!


trench coat


Folkestone beach

small cat eye sunglasses red



checked trench coat 2018

Bounce Vintage Folkestone

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