Four Spring Stories

March 13, 2018

My hopes were set high last Sunday, when the wind was almost gone, and the Sun almost felt warm.

It's mid-March so yes, I am among those of you who dream of warm spring days and unlimited sunshine, longer days and tons of flowers, with the posibility of rocking lighter clothes and summery dresses, with just a leather jacket thrown over my shoulders. Getting my favourite sport shoes out - Converse, Superga and Vans - feels like the dream. So I dreamt, I even went on ZAFUL and chose few key pieces for my SS18 wardrobe. Can I wear all of them out? No. Why? Because the weather app says it's about to snow this weekend. 

After one day that felt like spring - last Sunday, when we shot this outfit in the park, I have to expect snow again. Don't get me wrong - you know by now that I love snow with all my heart. But winter should be winter, spring should be spring. Anyway, fun story: after shooting this outfit in the park near our home, just out of nowhere, it started pouring. The kind of rain that leaves you soaking wet. So we were, Christian and I. I took my coat off to cover my freshly washed hair and cool makeup, but not a chance. I don't have any photos of me after the storm, maybe because my trousers were soaking wet and went on being fullly transparent. Hello knickers!

Note to self.: never wear linen/ linen mix in Britain - you never know when it's going to rain

Of course it's not that warm to shoot the gorgeous dresses out and I didn't want to ruin their vibes by adding thick tights or a bulky coat - it's not how I would wear them so no way. I feel cold all the time, so there's no way in hell I am going to freeze my ass out in summery clothes. Thanks for understanding.


Short note on the dresses: the polka dot dress, with a million tiny buttons is pure perfection, the kind of dress I was dreaming about for many summers and finally got a hold of now - happiness overload. It feels vintage, French, chilidish and provocative at the same time. And no, you don't have to fill it up in the chest area. I prefer it loose, just like it sits on mine. 
I love the second dress too, altough I was expecting the waist to be lower - it kind of makes me look pregnant at times and I don't aim for such a look. When I will be pregnant I will proudly show my real belly.

The corset is a dream, it fits awesome, perhaps I should've gone for a size S (this one is M) but I always feel fat so here it is. But I love this M, you can breathe and move freely in it. 

Note to self: order an S next time; same corset, smaller size.

Photos of me: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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