The Green Trousers

March 05, 2018

The green trousers are not just some trousers. They are part of a 70's suit. No, not a 70's inspired suit, but an actual suit from the 70's. 

I love vintage & second-hand clothes, in spite what others might believe about me - it may seem I'm always wearing expensive stuff but I am actually not. Except for few branded shoes & accessories I own, the rest of my clothes and accessories for that matter...are more affordable than you suspect. 

Why do they look expensive? Because I have a fashion sense, one that money can't buy, and whatever I put on myself, I wear it with confidence. Because studying Art & Art related disciplines for most of my life has educated my taste and it now allows me to play around with all the pieces that I love. Ok, being quite tall also helps a lot because whether you admit it or not, our bodies make our clothes look great...or not so great. I do believe people should dress in whatever they want, as long as their bodies can make it work - short and chubby legs? Forget about skinny jeans if you want to get that "expensive wannabe" look and great feel. You might accept your body in whatever shape or size it is, but you also live in a world full of people, with the vast majority of them not being blind. Therefore, you have to think twice and choose stuff you adore, but which also compliments your body. I know you might not agree with me, and the best part is that you don't need to. We all have our beliefs & opinions and I respect that. 

Alright, back to these trousers. The suit is truly amazing - there's a blazer too, that has a shirt feel to it, checkered, white and green. Absolutely fabulous. I am waiting for spring to be able to rock it the way I want to. But these trousers inspire me: this almost neon green goes with so many other colours, with so many textures and fabrics! They make everything look fun, they make me feel part of That 70's Show (which I adore), they make me feel part of a real-life cartoon, they make me feel like a real-life cartoon. And that's fun! Going for extreme kitsch feels so good for me, I love making fun of myself and having fun with fashion, I love making people's heads turn and wonder. Not always, but from time to time. Everything depends on my mood. I suggest you'd do the same.


RoseGal Satin Mules (Marni replica)

Photos of me: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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